Meet Michele Heitzmann

Wound Care: Pressing into the Hurt that Heals

We are excited for Michele's video presentation on June 29th. Until then, check out her interview below.

Michele is a wife and mother of 2 young “youths”. She enjoys speaking and teaching the faith using her creative gifts -- from graphic design to transforming environments for her ministry. The saints are her heroes and St. John Paul II is one of her favorites, especially for his teachings on Theology of the Body. She also dances, sings, and can be found sporting a signature hat or funky dyed hair. Michele lives in Port Orchard and is the youth minister at St. Nicholas Catholic Parish, Gig Harbor.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Through my family and Catholic education I was given a strong Catholic identity, however during the adolescent years many tough questions went unanswered, and in my early 20’s I found myself not only wandering from the church but in a personal and faith crisis that almost destroyed my life. It was truly He who pursued me and I can truly say, “Come see a man who told me everything I have done…” (Jn.4:29) I never looked back.

Who or what are influences in your faith journey?

I am super drawn to the lives of the saints. In my early years it was St. Ignatius and the radical transformation of his life. I wanted to be Mother Theresa before she was even a saint. Now, I find they come into my life like new friends, here to guide and teach me new things in each stage of my journey.

Name a time that was challenging in your faith.

Is there ever really a time that isn’t challenging? I would say the early years of marriage were the hardest. My husband was not Catholic at the time and it was difficult to reconcile the pull I was feeling both toward and away from the church.

What aspects of the Catholic Faith have helped you most to connect with your own personal story?

The Eucharist. Is there anything else? (jk) Our faith is so deep and wide, I couldn’t even begin to put in words all of the ways God has healed my broken heart, pursued me and given me hope for my future. In addition to the indescribable beauty of the Liturgy, I have cultivated a special friendship with our blessed Mother who has helped me reconcile many wounded relationships.

In the symbolism provided by the offertory portion of the Mass, we see ourselves giving the work of our hands over to God to be transformed on the altar of His sacrifice. What is your life's work as a gift of self for God and His people?

I certainly feel it was God who chose me for ministry and not the other way around. When serving our youth, I find I am able to use all of my gifts. What a blessing to be asked to do the work of Christ. I am incredibly passionate about our young and “coming of age” church. I believe the gift of presence is of utmost importance. Being truly present transcends all ages and barriers.

How can we join you in prayer?

This is a difficult time for our country and church. I continue to pray for “solidarity” and Christ’s known presence here. Personally, I’ve had several struggles with health over the last two years. I pray for healing and strength to continue to do God’s work here on Earth.

+ Let us pray together for Michele and join in her prayers to our God.