My Vocation Story and the Call of the Laity

We are excited for Kyle's video presentation on June 8th. Until then, check out his interview below.

Kyle is from Spanaway and is a parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church. He comes from a large family, literally... tall! He enjoys "shredding" in various ways - at the skate park, on the snowy slopes, or the third draft of an academic essay. Kyle is a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Seattle, studying at the Pontifical North American College in Rome and is preparing for his transitional Diaconate Ordination this summer. ​

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My family and the experiences I have had with them have made me who I am today. I have two great parents, three brothers, and three sisters. I've lived 26 and a half years and to this day THEY are the people I think about most. We all grew up during my dad's 27 year Air Force career, so we've seen a number of US states and a bit of Europe as we moved around. I really enjoy board sports, literature, soccer, running, photography and videography, and being an introvert, although I don't spend nearly enough time doing these things.

Who or what are influences in your faith journey?

My family, priest mentors, friends, divinely inspired writings (especially the Biblical wisdom literature), the Sacraments, the Saints, and Bishop Robert Barron.

Name a time that was challenging in your faith.

I spent a summer in Italy between my first two years of Theological studies in Rome. I went to study Italian in an unfamiliar town in the north. Not having had a stronghold on the language, I struggled to connect with people and had to fight hard against loneliness. I realized how hard it was NOT to be connected with others. Being connected with others is such a blessing for my faith, and life-giving. The fruit of that experience was my decision to spend more time at an elderly home where the residents and I combated loneliness together... with long conversations about my bad Italian.

What aspects of the Catholic Faith have helped you most to connect with your own personal story?

The Bible with its age-old ways of describing clearly so many aspects of human and Theological truths, and sacred music which relays the beauty of these truths.

In the symbolism provided by the offertory portion of the Mass, we see ourselves giving the work of our hands over to God to be transformed on the altar of His sacrifice. What is your life's work as a gift of self for God and His people?

St. Teresa of Calcutta said: "Do small things with great love." I think my life’s work is to do this. St. Thérèse of Lisieux spoke similarly as she taught her Little Way. If I could just be like these two, I think my life's work would be complete.

How can we join you in prayer?

Please pray for all those to be ordained. Pray for God's grace in helping us to trust in Him, for protection from the evil one, and to know God's love more.

+ Let us pray together for Kyle and join in his prayers to our God.